Godzilla movie history! 1954-2004

   Godzilla has been on the big screen of Japan since 1954. He is now known as "The king of the monsters" and for good reason. He has been in twentynine movies, at least two animated series, he's been in his own comic books, he's made cameos in other movies, he even has a star on the walk of fame!

    But anyway,  it all started in 1954 when Godzilla made his first aperrence. Godzilla was the Toho companies first movie monster. The story behind Godzilla is he is a dinosaur mutated by a nuclear explosion. He then went on a rampage of Tokyo, and after he destroyed the town he sang "can't touch this" and did the MC Hammer dance, ok not really but I bet he was humming it! Anyway the humans had to think of something to stop Godzilla. And they came up with a briliant (weird) idea. They used an "oxygen  destroyer" in the water that Godzilla was in and turned him in into a pile of bones. But (obviosly) this would not be last time they would see Godzilla.

    When the movie was edited for American audiences a new main character was added, Mr. Rammond Burr (playing Character Steve Martin know seriously Steve Martin). And the rest was history! 

   It was'nt long before a sequal was made not only featuring Godzilla but also Angiurus (then known as Angilas). This movie did'nt go over as well as the first, but what else is new with sequals! In this movie Godzilla was buried in an avalanche to await his next sequal.

   King Kong vs. Godzilla was the third movie in the collection, not only that but it was the first time both Godzilla and King Kong appeared in a colored movie. There has been a rumor that the American version of the movie and the Japanese version had to different endings. Sopposedly in the American version King Kong wins, but in the Japanese version Godzilla wins. But it has been discovered that this is just a myth. The only difference between the two endings is that in the end of the Japanese version Godzilla roars. Oh well, what are you gonna do?  

The 60's marked a high piont in Godzilla's movie career. This was when he first fought some of his most memorable enemys such as Mothra, Rodan, King Gidrah and others. 1969 was the year that "Godzilla destroy all monsters came to theaters. The movie takes place in the future (1999 to be exact), this movie was meant to be the last Godzilla movie which obviosly it was'nt. Mabey it should have been the last because after "Destroy all monsters" the series took a turn for the worst.

   Soon after "Destroy all monsters" was made "Godzilla's Revenge" came to the theaters. (See my review of the movie on the home page.)  This movie was meant for the younger audiences, but that dosn't make it any less suckish! Several years later "Godzilla vs. Megalon" was made. This is considered by many to be the worst Godzilla movie ever. Not only does it have one of the stupidest Godzilla characters ever (Jet Jaguar) but alot of the action in the movie is taken from another Godzilla movie! Most of the 70's Godzilla movies are just plain BAD! Not only is Godzilla a superhero in these movies, but also does kung-fu, that's right KUNG-FU! "Terror of Mechagodzilla" was the last of the first series, putting an end to superhero Godzilla.

   The second series redemed Godzilla's career, not only in Japan but in America too! "Godzilla 1985" premiered in both Japan and the U.S. Rammond Burr returned to play the part of "Steve Martin", but since by this time the real Steve Martin was around so in the movie they just called him "Mr. Martin". This series introduced some awesome monsters. They include Batra, Mecha King Gidorah, Destroyah and others. This also marked the climactic death of Godzilla!  But few Godzilla fans took this sireosly.

   The death of Godzilla in "Godzilla vs. Destoryah" left the way open for the American made Godzilla movie. Unfortunatly many Godzilla fans hated the movie. But personaly I really liked this movie! This movie is exiting, fun, and it has great specail effects! He may have had a big makeover but he's still Godzilla and he rocks! 

   "Godzilla 2000" marked the return of the classic Godzilla, it also marked the Begining of the third series. It seems the Godzilla movies just better and better, the movies of the new series have good special effects (pretty much) the new movies are fast paced, and the new monsters are awesome! The most recant installment is "Godzilla final wars" is a good tribute to the classic movies only cooler. This movie was supposed to be the last but as could be expected there's another one coming. Godzilla has become a part of our culture, and it doesn't seem like that's going to end soon.    

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