The top ten best and worst Godzilla monsters! 

#10 Worst: Moguera! Not nearly as cool as Mechagodzilla, he kinda looks like Woody Wood Pecker.

#10 Best :Zilla! He's fast, he's agile, he's awesome! 

#9 Worst:Titansaurus! It's like Godzilla only fishier and not as cool. 

#9 Best:Spacegodzilla! Cool monster lame movie.

#8 Worst: King Seesar! He's supposed to be a lion!?!

#8 Best:Mothra! Classic and one of the popular Godzilla monsters.

#7 Worst:Meglon! Army officer: Ok were gonna need a onemillion watt lightbulb, and a hole lot of bug spray!  

#7 Best Megaguirus! She's the man! 

#6 Worst:Kamacurus! Nothing special and not very tough.  

#6 Best:Gigan! Awesome... enough said!  

#5 Worst:Ebirah! Who wants lobster!?! Someone get the two tones of melted butter!!   

#5 Best:Detroyah! He's freaky looking, he can fly, he's awesome! 

#4 Worst:Gorosuarus! Just a bad Godzilla wanabie. 

#4 Best:Orga! Totaly awesome, very imaginative. 

#3 Worst:Jet Jaguar! A wierd Ultraman lookalike. 

#3 Best:King Gidorah! Three times the heads, three times the awesome!  

#2 Worst:Gabera! He has red hair, what's up with that!?! 

#2 Best:Mechagodzilla! Flight, missels, lazers he's got it all!  

#1 Worst:Minilla(Myna whatever)!!! Godzilla Director: I thought you had a concusion. Maker of Minilla: Oh, it's not that bad, I can make a new Godzilla monster. 

#1 Best:Godzilla!!! (Duh!) 

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